About Us

Bless The Smoke™ is a Streetwear brand that celebrates cannabis artistically by wearable garments and other physical products. While we never advocate breaking the law, we do however recognize that cannabis has been beneficial to humans for a long time. Cannabis has been in every aspect of human existence, often used for medicinal purposes, recreational, food, music, movies, and even religion. Not long ago, this natural substance and those who use it have been ridiculed, demonized, and even harshly punished by the judicial system for simple possession of it. The power of the media has played a huge role in this. We also recognize that the cannabis industry has not been fair with who benefits financially from this thriving industry, excluding a great deal of minorities and ex-cons who have paid their debt to society. 

Through the use of our subtle and sometimes bold and edgy expression, the phrase Bless The Smoke™ allows us to celebrate cannabis its many benefits, and how it has blessed people on earth in many different ways.